Episode 9: Dinner Room Terravore

30.10.-7.11.2016 – Opening 29.10.2016, 20:00h

Agatha Valkyrie Ice would like to invite you to:

Episode 9: Dinner Room Terravore

"...It is a phenomenon that is charged with a strangely archaic quality where a lack is miraculously turned into a surplus. In his febrile state of hunger, the soil eater transforms the clay of the bed river into filling food. He is set within a hallucinogenic landscape where the very ground he walks on is transformed into nourishment...."

Opening 29.10.2016, 20:00h
With a performance by LindsEy with Nicolas Humbert: Schließe den Pakt mir...und werde ein Magical Girl!
Costumes by Rika Vogel


Yves Born
Audrey Hope
LindsEy with Nicolas Humbert
Julian-Jakob Kneer
Martin Kohout
Hannah Regel
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw
Anna Solal

Musical contributions by
KABLAM (Kajsa Blom)
Daniel Iinatti
Amelia Rose (Amelia Farley)

Curated by Elin Gonzalez with Filip Mayer

Show open 4.-5.11. from 15-18h
or by apointment from 30.10.-7.11.2016
call 0041 79 522 19 17 or write to agatha.oslo10@gmail.com

Video footage of Schließe den Pakt mir...und werde ein Magical Girl!

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